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Zenso Pty Limited
Sydney, Australia

Release Date:
v1.0: 2022-05-19

MacOS 10.15 & Above
Windows 10 & Above

Price (USD):
  2 Channels – Free
32 Channels – US$59
Activate and optional purchase via Audinate® Dante® Activator.


Download and Purchase:


DMeter empowers you to view meters for your Dante® audio outputs, directly from your Mac or PC with presets offering rapid switching of views. Download and activate a free 2 channel version, and then purchase and activate the full licence for metering of up to 32 channels using the link to the Dante® Activator.


  • View up to 32 Dante®-enabled, network audio outputs right from your Mac or PC, entirely in software with no dedicated hardware required.
  • DMeters displays both instantaneous Peak and average RMS values for all of your metered channels.
  • Permanent and temporary hold values also keep you on top of your audio levels.
  • Unlimited nameable presets allow you to simply click between them to quickly switch between your meter setups. Perfect for when you change networks, move between studios, or have lots of channels to track.
  • DMeters displays all output sources across your Dante® network, sorted alphabetically by device and channel.
  • Drag the sources directly onto your meters to connect in moments.
  • Color your devices or channels to personalise and organise your display.
  • Separators and scales allow you to divide your meters up just the way you like.



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Joseph Narai   Lead

Simon Narai   Supporting